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Since a young kid, there had always been talk about how terrifying this movie was. It seemed to be the holy grail of horrors, and I was desperate to watch it. Ask anyone, what’s the most terrifying movie of all time? Most answered with The Exorcist. When the film was released, it had massive impact on the public, I asked my parents about when they saw it. My mum said there were people being sick, some even ran out of the screen, whilst my dad sat eating his ice-cream.

So when I finally got my hands on a copy of the movie, I sat down in my room, lights off, black out blinds down, snacks at the ready and watched as I was finally about to be scared to death, I hoped…

The exorcist ad 1973

Religion now adays doesn’t seem to have the same powerful grasp on as many people as it did when the movie was first realeased, nevertheless, if you become completely engrossed in the movie whilst watching it, it is still pretty terrifying. Watching the older iconic movies shows you that you don’t need fancy CGI to make a big impact on your audience. My favourite scene being the iconic head spin scene, the sound you hear that makes people squirm? A simple leather wallet being twisted.

When compared to a lot of the movies now, suspense was always created using music playing, this movie however never needed any of that, which makes it a little more creepy.

This is a must watch movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, most would probably agree that it paved the way for a massive new genre of horror involving the power of God verses evil.



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