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Who is What Horror?

Since a young kid, I always loved horror movies, sitting on the sofa, covering my eyes, absolutely terrified of what was about to happen always seemed to give me such a high.As I got older, and watched more movies, I forgot about most of the earlier movies I watched, eventually I got to the stage where I’d want to watch another horror, but wouldn’t remember what I had seen. Some titles look farmiliar, you start watching it and about half way through you realise – I’ve seen this… and it wasn’t that great.So I began jotting notes down about each film, then setting them up in my own categories, listing the common themes each film had. The aim is to watch the films, then each one I watch, I’ll add a page for, a little summary of it, how I felt about it and what sort of things happen. Hopefully in a year, I’ll have a nice site full with the films I’ve watched and all the categories involved in each. So if you fancy a slasher, you’ll see some I’ve watched. Or maybe you’re thirsty for brains, then I’ll have a zombie section too!

As with these films, there are a lot out there that I probably feel are absolutely terrible, however I’m more than certain there will be someone who feels the opposite. So as I write about each, I’ll try and leave the criticisms out and let someone have the chance to sit and enjoy it themselves.


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